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Drawing from Romania’s long history of choral art, Caminul Felix Choirs are building a tradition of choral performance. The choirs have over a decade of national and international tours, across Romania, the United States, Sweden, United Kingdom, Norway and Australia.

Caminul Felix Choirs provide an opportunity for the children to share their talents and testimonies through music. The Choirs also open the children to the wonders of travel and meeting new sponsors. All children are given the opportunity to participate in the Choirs with options for mixed, women’s and men’s voices, and a acappella.

Churches, host families and friends of Caminul Felix welcome the choirs, arrange all accommodations, and generously support our mission to carry out the message of the suffering of the abandoned children in the world. The generosity and faith of the kind people we meet are the reason for our successful ministry.

Albums of Caminul Felix Choir:

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