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Carol Allston-Stiles

One of the most rewarding things in my life was being able to help sponsor a girl at Caminul Felix. Her Christmas cards, notes, and dreams of her future were so precious to me. And to know that she was living in a loving family, with parents and siblings, and being brought up in the Word, made it even more heartwarming.

While we never met, I grew to know her through the years, and felt such pride as she graduated from high school, from college, continued her education, married a wonderful man, and is now leading a life where she is helping others. Caminul Felix is so much more than just another charitable opportunity. It is being able to help give someone the gift of family, and to have your own life enriched ten-fold in return.

Words of Carol Allston-Stiles, one of the sponsors from Caminul Felix

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