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I was first introduced to Caminul Felix in 2011, while on my fourth mission trip to Romania. I was immediately impressed with the model of care that they offered – it was completely unlike any other thing I had ever witnessed. You see, when I thought of an orphanage I imagined a large building with lots of children, little adult supervision, and even less love. When I visited CF One for the first time I was completely blown away not just by the houses or the farm but by how genuinely happy the children all were. I heard laughter like I’d never heard before – and I saw smiles of genuine joy. I left a small bit of my heart in Sanmartin that day and began praying for the opportunity to return to CF.
Fast forward to the fall of 2013. After another visit to CF, a lot of emails back and forth, and a whirlwind support raising campaign I boarded a plane in Raleigh, North Carolina and headed back to Oradea, to begin a year long ministry project with Caminul Felix.
Since arriving back in Romania I’ve had the joy of working with the children of House One in CF One. I visit their home 5 days a week and have the chance to share a meal with them, and then I primarily spend the afternoon teaching them English. I also have the chance to play on the playground, watch the children play soccer, attempt to help them with math homework (I say an extra prayer on these days) – in a lot of ways I have the chance to play a ‘big brother’ role and I love it.
But while I get encouraged when the kids remember what we’ve learned in our English lessons, and while I love the time I get to spend just goofing off with them, what I love the most about Caminul Felix is simple. You see, every single day that I come to work, I get to see Psalm 68:6 lived out. “God settles the solitary in a home…’ What an incredible love this is. And what a beautiful earthly example of the love that God showed to each of us when he adopted us as sons & daughters of his kingdom. Hallelujah, what a saviour.
It would have been easy to ignore the opportunity to come to Caminul Felix. I could have stayed in the States and sent a donation every month. But, for me personally, I felt like this journey was exactly what the Lord called me to. I’m thankful to Caminul Felix for the opportunity – I could not have asked for a better place to spend a year of life.
Where is God leading you? Wherever it may be…follow Him. His ways are perfect, his plans are beautiful, his love is endless and his grace is limitless. Take the next step on the journey you’re on – you won’t regret it.

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