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Direct Bank Transfer

Bank: Swedbank AB
IBAN: SE82 8000 0815 0592 4133 4276

For donations in Sweden please use:
Bank account 8150-5 924 133 427-6 or
Bank giro 614-1048 or
Swish 123 122 04 66

Help build a home for our young adults. Become part of the Felix Habitat Homes project.

These small, decent and affordable homes are intended to house the families that were started by young people that were brought up in Caminul Felix Families, as they move out and start living on their own.

Habitat for Humanity is partners in this worth while endeavour, teams from the UK and US are coming in and build. The young people from Felix work on the house construction themselves and will also pay according to a financial plan over many years.

The houses are built with the help of future owners and volunteers on Caminul Felix (farm) piece of land.They are not to be given free to the future owners but they will work to build them and pay (over a period of time) the cost of the materials invested in it. Houses have a wooden frame structure and an area of 64sqm (689sqft) built area, on a 400 sqm(4310sqft) plot . We also started to build apartments for our young that are not married yet! Any help in materials, work , tools or money is much apperciated.