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The mission of Caminul Felix Village in Surat Thani, Thailand is to provide families for abandoned, orphaned and rejected children, with priority given to children that have lost their parents to HIV/Aids. This village was started in 2007 with informational seminars and then presentations in churches in Thailand and in Sweden. Today we have ten houses with ten families!

Our vision is to give children a mother and father, a real family and the resources needed to live a full life while integrating successfully into Thai society. A vital part of our vision is the foundation of Christian values which are cross-cultural, namely such things as respect, love, faithfulness and equality.

Surat Thani is a beautiful province and city in the south of Thailand. Surat Thani is a thriving city of 132,000 and provides great access to facilities for study, work opportunities, and a full scope of medical care.

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