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Caminul Felix began in 1990 immediately following the fall of Communism with one village in Oradea, in the western part of Romania. Today our organization has two villages with 16 families caring for over 200 children in Romania. We have expanded our reach pursuing our vision of reaching as many children as possible by launching Felix Family Villages International.

The story of Felix Family Villages is a journey of God’s calling on his people to do the one thing that is the most important: To take care of His children. Our vision and strategy to fulfill this calling is to give children the gift of family, nurturing their physical, spiritual, emotional and socio-economic needs.

The Felix concept, that involves bringing children together with a mother and father who are called to raise these children as their own, has been called a preferred model of care all over the world. The Felix Family Village model is built upon a solid biblical foundation of raising children within the framework of a godly mother and father.

After more than 20 years of ministry to children in Romania we are blessed to see the tangible fruit of this ministry as many young adults who grew up in the Caminul Felix families are launching successfully into adulthood, contributing to the recovering Romanian society, starting families of their own, pursuing higher education, developing careers in a variety of vocations including medicine, engineering and law. Many of the Caminul Felix families continue to take in newly orphaned or abandoned children as the older children launch. Some of the original house parent couples have launched all or almost all of the children placed in their care and are moving to smaller homes so that new house parent couples and new families are formed, using the Caminul Felix homes to reach the next generation.

Millions of children of all ages all over the world have been left abandoned by unfortunate circumstances. In this abandoned state they live their lives in despair and loneliness. The suffering among the rejected children is our calling. We believe that their only hope for full life is to be given a new, real family, with a mother and a father, and with the security and caring love a family can provide. And the good news is that hundreds of children have been given the gift of permanence in a loving family, through Felix Family Villages in Romania.

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