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Bob & Charlene Pagett

I have been in over 90 countries around the world and have seen many organizations who are helping the children of the World. One of the finest humanitarian ministries I know is Caminul Felix Family Villages in Romania which in my view is the model for the orphan children of the world.

Lars and Linda Hornberg founded Caminul Felix Family Villages 19 years ago which the Child Protective Services of Romania says is the model for the country. In two villages, the orphan children are now being raised by a Christian mother and a father who have taken on this responsibility as a calling. They have assumed responsibility of these children for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and health, until death us do part.

Each of these prescious abandoned and orphan children who came from a sad situation now are in a secure family environment and now have a mother and a father. It is a example for them when they are raised and on their own and have their own family. Assist International has supported this ministry since it’s beginnning.

Caminul Felix has expanded internationally under the name “Felix Family Villages International”. There now is a family village in Thailand and soon in Africa. In my view, it is the finest ministry I know. These children now have a hope and a future. They have a mother and a father who love them and care for them and will never abandon them.

To me, it is the model for the world, a ministry worthy of your support.

Bob & Charlene Pagett

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