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Ovidiu & Loredana Csoka

They say that the past influences the present, and that the past and the present shall determine the future. We certainly cannot change the past, but if we invest in the present, we can be confident in a much better future.

Each and every person has his own story and the things that made an impression on him during his life, either in a positive or negative way, turned into unforgettable memories. In their previous environment, most of the children that have been brought to Caminul Felix have been exposed to : much hatred and violence, misery, sickness, cold and hunger, immorality, scorn and other similar things. The traumatic experieces that these children went through produced a lot of pain and their memories are sad and sprinkled with tears. Howerver, when we talk about the present, it’s totally different, changed for the better.

We, Loredana and Ovidiu, are parents for 15 children at Caminul Felix, and for over eight years, since we are involved in the ministry, we are privileged to be able to see every day the beauty and the joy of the new life these wonderful children are living. In our house we have children that have enjoyed the new life at Caminul Felix for almost 20 years. Their memories are beautiful now because thay have lived so many beautiful experiences.

We received a 5- year old girl in our family, as se was abandoned. The girls’s mother had also been abandoned as a child and, unfortunately, this mother could not break this chain of suffering. What desire for this child and for all our children, of course, is that, later on, they will not repeat the same mistakes in thei turn. How else could we teach them better, how else could we prepare them better for life than by offering them our own example?

Sometimes we ask our little children what they want to be when the grow up. To our surprise, some of them answer that they want to be a mommy or a daddy and that they want to have a large family, just like ours. We realize how important the example we set is, because one day our children will behave the way they saw us behaving.  We rejoice when we see our children growing, developing, and becoming stronger and more confident. The pattern of the new life that they are now living was very well imprinted in their lives.

We are grateful to God for all the special people that believe, just as we do, that when you invest in the rescue of a child, you actually invest in the rescue of the future generation as well.

Ovidiu and Loredana parents at Caminul Felix, village 1