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Proclaiming freedom
The Message of Christmas is ours

It is quite wonderful to see Jesus opening the world to the Gospel saying that he wants to “set the burdened and battered free ….proclaiming freedom for the prisoners.”  (Luke  4:18)  He speaks about the total freedom that touches everything in your family, and worry some thoughts, the economy, your work, school and business.
This is the true light of Christmas. He comes entirely and totally, born like a child, the real thing, to give hope as Saviour.  He is all here for you. Most probably we have all been burdened and He knows what that is.  He has been burdened too. And He has been battered, whipped and rejected, learning as a child what life expects – and slain like a lamb.

When He says he will give the burdened freedom and the rejected and cast away hope there are millions that know it is right and holds up. He was made perfect to be able to carry out this mission. Jesus did not sneak in with a whispering, insecure voice. He proclaimed Freedom to the Prisoners, and life to the Battered.  He said so the World heard it: “I am proclaiming: This is God’s year to act!” (The Message)
He revealed what is found in life and says God’s Spirit is on me.  He says that and you can too. God is with you. That belongs to the message of the coming of Christ.  Hope is found in his Word, and inner security is with him – near him – for life and eternity.

Felix Family Village has based itself on the Rock of assurance that with Jesus is God’s time to act. Let the reality of God’s presence in your life become the a new time for your family, and for the many lost little ones in our world and our time.  This is what Christmas is all about.
We want this time to be God’s time for him to act and us all to stand up for freedom for all.
We pray that we hear the call and purpose declared to our generation.  We can reach the lost ones with resources he releases to us through the Gospel.

It is true.  This is purposeful.

Lars Hornberg

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