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Tabita & Florin Copil

Together with my wife we are “the oldest Children in the family”, our name is Florin and Tabita Copil (Child). I believe that this is not just a funny situation, but it’s just an indication from God what He wants us to work.
The opportunity to work in Caminul Felix came in at a critical time for our family. My wife was alone with David all day, our little one, during which I often worked overtime and got home very tired. By not being able to participate in the educational process, as much as we decided at first, sometimes led to tensions and frustrations. We prayed a lot so see for a way to have more time together as family, but we saw no solution.
The other crisis was spiritual. In recent years we have understood the calling of the Lord’s mission for our family. I dreamed of a country in Africa or any uncivilized tribe in which to live and identify with, telling them about the true God. Although our mind was on that mission we remained in Oradea, working in a field that wasn’t fulfilling.
However, through the job that I had we came in contact with Felix Family Villages leadership. Then I learned that they were seeking for a Christian family to take care of 11 orphan children. With this information God hooked our hearts and mind. We weren’t at peace until we realised that this was His solution for our crisis. When we understood that being parents is what we need to do we saw the answer to our prayers. We learned that we have to live with children that are not ours, but we need to love, educate and teach them about the Lord, we understood that they are our “tribe” from Romania.
Interviews, tests followed, presenting difficulties that we  would encounter in the family, but it did not matter. We knew that the Lord guided us to Caminul Felix and we’re here led by Him. Now we have been in Cypress House for almost a year and we are happy to see the children grow up in front of our eyes, copying habits, enjoying the new parents and everything that a family means .
The Lord led us so far, and we ask Him to continue from now on . To Him be the glory !