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Laura Breb

The coming into the word of a child is the most important moment in the life of any family. Nothing can compare with the explosion of feelings that overwhelm you when you hold your newborn. As mother, you are eager to analize each square inch of that little body that was formed inside of you… the little eyes, hands, feet, fingers, and you are ready to offer him/her protection and all your love. This is not what happened with Laura. Her mother abandoned her in the hospital in which she was born just a few days after she gave birth to her. The reason behind this abandonment were the lack of financial means; this took away the chance of enjoying raising a human being. Laura was only three and a half when she came into our lives. She was so small and sweet; her big brown eyes won our hearts from the moment we saw her, and her brown, curly, a bit messy hair gave her even more charm. The transition was not a problem for her. She crossed the barriers of socialization very quickly due to her lively personality, her openness and her capacity to see things positively. Laura developed beautifully, both psychologically and physically. The love and the protection she found in her new family helped her gain trust and gave her wings and strength to overcome the critical times in her life. She learned and felt that she needed to be thankful to God for the way in which He cared for all the details in her life. Laura is now 20 and she studies management at a university in Oradea. In February, 2012, she married Ionut, a special young man she met in our church. Laura is one of the most precious gifts our family has been given, a young lady everyone loves to sit beside and to listen to the thoughts she expresses all the time. Just as with the other kids in our home, Laura is the spice that gives our family a very special taste. We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to have her with us for more that 16 years. Her smile and joyfulness is contagious and has filled our home and our lives. Story told by Laura’s mother, Radiana Ţiplea