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Janyarak & Mana Rujirayanyong

We love our children

We are one of the houseparent-couples in a Felix-family. We have four biological children. In the middle of June 2008, our family was blessed with two more children, James and

Angel. In the beginning was difficult for the children to come to us in the family. They where not used to rules to follow ad their behavior was not always the best. Our oldest girl, Enjoy is reading something from the bible every evening and is praying with her sisters and brothers. Those moments in the evenings have become very important for the children.

As a family, we have given ourselves for this important task to save children and share the love that we have experienced in our live we do look forward to see eight more children moving on to us in the family.

During Christmas are children were involved in their school in different programs. As Felix Families we had organized program for our children, where they also received a Christmas gift. For man of they was it the first time in their lifes when the celebrated Christmas and they where happy and enjoyed every minute of it.

We would like to thank you all who are supporting us in the Felix Village. We wish you all the best for the future and they year that is ahead. We pray that God will bless you and keep you in good h health. We will promise you that we will take care of the children in the very best way we can.

We love them!

God bless!

Jana and Mana Rujirayanyong parents at Caminul Felix, Surat Thani