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Alex Nagy

My name is Alex and I am 20 years old. I was born in a fragmented and shattered family, my mother not being married. I was left in the care of neighbors or in different hospitals since I was little, until at the birth of my brother, when my mother decided to abandon me in the hospital.

At 2 years old, I had the grace to be chosen from among the tens of abandoned children and be brought to one of the families at Caminul Felix. I received a new family here, a mother, a father and 16 brothers and sisters. Besides family and love, I also received a good education and I met God here as well. Growing up, I tried to find fulfillment in this world without God.

Because of the influence of friends and because of the wrong choices I made, one day I entered into a coma. This experience changed my attitude towards everything I knew until then. I became more reserved, not telling anyone what I was feeling or thinking. All these until a former classmate and very good friend of mine invited me to one of the youth meetings at church. After seeing the passion of these young people in their worship, and their freedom of expression, I decided to restart attending church, but with a different attitude. One day I went on a trip with these young people and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior that day and I one year later I confessed my belief in the waters of baptism.

I am currently in my second year at university and I am studying engineering. I am thankful to God for his intervention in my life, for the family He gave me, for the grace He offered me and I am also thankful to you, the ones that support Caminul Felix thus bringing happiness to so many children.