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A letter before Christmas

Joy and expectation mix into a fantastic presence of contentment. Christmas is a great time for celebration and life with friends and family, as well as with the peace of contemplation of the greatest of Gifts that God sent. Writing this I am aware that some of us have not enough for bare necessities, both in the group of readers and among so many desolated little ones. Remember that God is with you. The best route to contentment is to reach out in order to meet somebody’s need with the love of Christmas.

Caminul Felix Villages in Romania and in Thailand celebrate big with what they have. The reason for celebration is the awareness of the change from the desolation of the streets to the contentment of family, from hatred all around to an embracing love. Would you reach out to this particular need, and give that extra Christmas Gift, meet the needs of an entire family as well as a child’s need of being valued and appreciated?

Thailand has come far now. It is beautiful to see the Joy and to see the homes and families within. An American church located in Dublin, California builds the last home, and a number of churches in Nykoping Sweden are building the second to last. Those are the two remaining homes that children and young couples will turn into their family homes. These homes will be implements for change for many a generations to come.

Fence up for seminars to all. We are ready to build the strong fence around the facilities. The fence is required due to the Snake river that runs around the Felix Village in Thailand. In order to be moved from a temporary authorisation classification and to be fully recognised as a Family Village the fence is required. The security of the little ones is vital! We then will be able to hold seminars and conferences, teaching and lifting our conviction high that all children are entitled to a Mom and Dad.

A short list of needs: For the near future we need two nine seater vans, 1.) one for a home that has been operating since the village’s opening, and 2.) the 2nd for one of the homes just being finished. The parents in the Ministry hear daily from many children that cry for love and attention. The parents meet them as they visit institutions. We do pray for the little ones and for more resources to take in 60 more. 3.) To become a sponsor is a life changing commitment that will give joy to children and satisfaction to your heart.

About Africa – to our supporters

When we started the Felix Villages in Oradea, Romania, we also went to African countries. Fine leaders received us. Hoards of hungry orphaned little children clung to us. As we traveled to tell our story to many churches in the USA and Europe, supporters signed up to support. However we had reasons not to give our OK to start building the Felix homes we had in mind for Africa. Ever since then we have been waiting for the “go ahead”, and now we are making a preliminary trip. Mircea and Lidia Toca, parents at Felix Village in Romania, are now leaving to go to Kenya and Tanzania. They will travel with Razvan Petrica, a young Romanian pastor. They go to the poorest areas and meet leaders that can accept responsibility with integrity. We hope to meet the needs of the many orphaned and abandoned little ones.

As we determine the location and start to build villages and homes we will keep you informed.  You who believe in giving abandoned little ones a new mom and dad, stay with us now. Sign up to begin or recommit and continue your support.

Jesus came for the world. The Christian faith honours this conviction. From above you see that we are all of like value. That is why it is said that “God so loved the world”. We are going to reach for the needs of the world. That is the greatness of God and what it looks like to follow the Saviour that was born for all of us and died for all of us.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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