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When it comes to a Caminul Felix Village in Bangladesh we saw that there is a good deal of interest in the younger parenthood generation. 

Fact is that Bangladesh people that we met are aware that children that been rejected by their parents or orphaned need new parents. Gods plan for all children is for them to have parents.  Nothing replaces the environment of loving parents, that is the place where personality, confidence and talents take shape and dare to develop.

This direction of implementing families for lost children is the plan of God for our time when 165 million children live with no parents in the world.

We believe that a Caminul Felix Village, or a Family focused Ministry for lost children, is what Bangladesh needs. There are hundred thousands of children that have no hope if Gods love will not meet them. A Caminul Felix Village with ten homes to start with, would first rescue twelve children per family and lead them to a full life and the Lord.  It would also show the church of God the family as the finest way reach the lost children of our time, and it would set the standard of care for lost children in the society and nation.

There is a need to detect the number of children in need of parents.  There is a need for the church to realize its calling to get involved. The foundation of faith in the Gospel, the leaders of experience and the resource of staff are there.

The Caminul Felix Villages would be open to get involved in due time.