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Caminul Felix Family Villages have now set our sights and fashioned our hearts to create a new village in the beautiful riverine country of Bangladesh.  In fact, in the last few years plans have been made, we’ve visited the country numerous times and are looking forward to what’s next.

The pandemic and the crush of Covid 19 in Bangladesh has been a huge challenge for this country where 85% of the population are day workers required to work daily simply to provide for their families.  Because of that, our efforts have been slowed but undeterred.

Our mission has always been to establish family villages in countries where there are abandoned children. We desire to meet the physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs of the orphaned and abandoned children of the world in a loving, healthy and stable environment. Nothing replaces the environment of loving parents and family as that is the place where personality, confidence and talent takes shape and develops.

This idea of creating families for these children is the plan of God for our time, especially when 165 million children worldwide live with no parents.

We believe that a Caminul Felix Village – a family-focused ministry, is what Bangladesh needs. With that in mind, we desire to build a village with10 homes to start with and are making earnest progress toward identifying partners in the country, looking for an ideal parcel of land and learning deeply about the culture and how we might make this dream possible.

If you are interested in learning more you can reach out to Bill Funk, FFVI International Director to learn more.  His email address is bill@billfunk.life