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The Multi Purpose Building is now being built!

In the presence of all the families, parents and children, July the 6th, the first sod was dug for the Multi Purpose Building (MPB). This particular building is much longed-for. There was a great joy in the village for everything now being ready for the building project to start. The children lifted the heavy spade and Mom and Dad explained about the building that soon would be built. After the ceremony, everybody celebrated and talked about the new building. In the end of July the foundation work, including pile driving, will take place. The grand opening is planned to happen in March 2014.

We have talked earlier about the benefits of the MPB and wish to do so once again. Besides having a gathering hall large enough for everyone, the MPB will provide a greater freedom for all the families. When visitors come to the village, they can be received in the MPB rather than in the private homes of the families. The shop that is planned to be included in the building will generate some income, which will of course be benefitting the family village.

Generous gifts have made it possible to start this building project, but sufficient funds for the whole project do not yet exist. Maybe you feel you want to help to complete this project and this great building? We want to express a big THANK YOU to you who has already given into this project and to you who feel you want to help us now. Thank you very much on the behalf of all the families in the Felix family village in Surat Thani, Thailand!

If you have any questions regarding the MPB feel free to contact Christer Nord:
E-mail: nord.christer@gmail.com, phone number: +46 70 668 87 87

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