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A letter before Christmas

Joy and expectation mix into a fantastic presence of contentment. Christmas is a great time for celebration and life with friends and family, as well as with the peace of contemplation of the greatest of Gifts that God sent. Writing this I am aware that some of us have not enough for bare necessities, both in the group of readers and among so many desolated little ones.

Remember that God is with you. The best route to contentment is to reach out in order to meet somebody’s need with the love of Christmas.

Caminul Felix Villages in Romania and in Thailand celebrate big with what they have. The reason for celebration is the awareness of the change from the desolation of the streets to the contentment of family, from hatred all around to an embracing love.

Would you reach out to this particular need, and give that extra Christmas Gift, meet the needs of an entire family as well as a child’s need of being valued and appreciated?

Lars Hornberg

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