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Year by year we write stories about children and our ministry

We know how important are our stories but most of all, our children. Some stories are very hard to tell due to hard experiences. We believe in God’s miracles and in soul healing. Amputated legs can be helped with prosthesis and arms to with orthosis , but what about souls, what about hearts ?

The technology, a good life, a house can’t help, only a home, a family, love and compassion, but most of all, GOD can help. God can reach children that have suffer, that have broken hearts and amputated souls and fix that, heal that and give hope, future, great perspective together with a family but the best they can have is faith and eternal life by faith.

Caminul Felix is here to meet this needs for any child that enter in our homes, in our family but most in our hearts. Their story becomes our story and their past life becomes our concern. They are the most precious in the eye of God and they must become precious in our eyes and hearts.

We pray for a great year, we pray for a wonderful time in harmony, peace and embrace by God in all we are doing.

Happy New Year!

Mihai Bulc – parent at Caminul Felix 1, Romania

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